Microskin Reviews

Today we are going to take a look at and consider Microskin Reviews to see what this company is all about. Microskin is a company that offers a product that is known as a “simulated second skin”, what this means is that they offer a way to cover up things such as vitiligo, scars, burns, birthmarks, tattoos, rosacea, acne and baldness with a process that is far more effective then any regular makeup since Microskin doesn’t stain clothes, blotch or smear on anything. It is typically applied with an airbrush or stipple brush and can be removed with a special alcohol solution – this means that you can put it on and take it off whenever you want. Depending on your skin type and the location of the application you can make a single application last for several days before needing to reapply it.

Microskin Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the additional benefits of using Microskin to cover up and camouflage various skin conditions:

* Microskin is SPECIFICALLY MATCHED TO THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN TONE in order to ensure the closest and most accurate color match possible. This just isn’t possible when using more generic coverup makeups.

* Microskin is not technically a cream and does not have the makeup-cakey-blotchy like appear of traditional cover-up products.

* Microskin is a liquidized solution that, once matched to your specific skin color, is applied to the skin to completely cover and hide any visibly apparent skin conditions.

* Once Microskin has been applied to the skin, it is very durable and can lasts for a period of several days depending on the location and skin type it is applied to. What truly sets Microskin apart from the “rest” of the skin camouflaging products out there is that it won’t rub off on your clothes and is completely 100% waterproof which, aside from the obvious benefits, allows your skin to breathe naturally.

Naturally, because of all of these great benefits, our Microskin reviews are nothing but absolutely positive because we love it!

How To Use Microskin

You don’t need to waste your time with other cover up products once you begin to use Microskin. However, before you actually begin to use Microskin both your healthy and affected skin areas and scanned with specialized technology that is able to create an accurate color match. Once your color match has been created, it is applied specifically to both the healthy and affected areas in order to create a unified skin tone that matches beautifully.